New business venture?

I presume that you have showcased it on a website because only then can you open up immense opportunities.

Next course of action: Getting traffic to your site!!! After all, that is the main aim of a website right?

Here are some key takeaways;


  • Show up in search- consider search engine optimization (SEO).
  • While at it, ensure that the keywords on your site are working for you hence maximizing site traffic. Remember earlier when we talked about the secure socket layer (SSL)? This also counts a lot for higher ranking.
  • Great content- one ingenious way to use content to drive traffic is your blog. It not only helps in developing a relationship with your customer base.
  • Social media- this helps drive traffic to your site by capturing new customers and keeping your current customers informed.
    Do not forget to include a link to your website in your bio sections across all your social media pages.

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