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About .ke domain

.ke domain is now live


It is now possible to register second level domains in Kenya beginning July 23rd 2017. You will now be able to register example.ke in addition to the usual .co.ke extension. This helps to bring the KE domain space in line with the more familiar international format of other shorter country codes like .de (Germany) and .fr (France).


KES 10,000 + VAT

Current Phase

Grandfathering period + Landrush period

You are Kenyan. Are you .ke?

Peak and Dale Solutions is a Kenic Accredited .KE Domain Registrar and registers .ke, .co.ke, .or.ke, .sc.ke, .ne.ke, .go.ke and .ac.ke domains.

How to order

How to order the .ke domain

The registration process is MANUAL. Please send an email to info@peakanddale.com informing us of the domain name you would like registered and attach a copy of certified trademark from a Lawyer with good standing with Law Society of Kenya (LSK)/TVETA certificate for institutions. We shall send you an invoice. Once payment is received, the same will be forwarded to the registry Kenic for assessment and you will receive feedback in due course.

You can apply for a verification for trademark from KIPI offices located at Popo Rd. off Mombasa Rd. South “C” at Weights and Measures Complex, Nairobi Kenya

Launch Information

Registration process for .ke will be rolled out in four phases

Sunrise period 23 Jul 2017 to  22 Oct 2017

The Sunrise period, lasting 90 days, is reserved for Kenyan trademark holders to secure domain names matching their trademarks before .ke is released to the general public.

The trademark must be registered under the Trade Marks ACT (CAP 506) Laws of Kenya. Applications for Domain Name Registrations received during the Sunrise period will be evaluated during the subsequent Cooling-off period and Domain Names will then be allocated to eligible Applicants based on the criteria contained in the Second Level Dot KE Domain (SLD) Policy.

Landrush period 22 Nov 2017 to 22 Dec 2017 The Registry will offer approximately 30 days Land Rush period. If more than one applicant applies for the same domain name, it will be placed into an auction, during the Cooling-off Period, and allocated to the highest bidder.
Grandfathering period Until end of cooling-off period Existing third level domain owners can register similar names on the second level. Business name certificates shall be accompanied as proof of ownership.
Cooling off period 23 Nov 2017 to 22 Dec 2017 During the Cooling-off Period, lasting 30 days, the Registry will assess each application to determine if it meets the Eligibility Criteria of each phase, if not the application will be rejected.

Eligible applications will be evaluated and prioritized according to the following principles before Domain Names are allocated:

  • Sunrise applications prevail over Land-rush applications.
  • Land-rush applications with multiple eligible applications are resolved by means of an auction. There is no obligation to participate in an auction. The Domain Name will be allocated to the remaining or prevailing Applicant.

Where no eligible applications for a Domain Name have been received during the Sunrise Period and multiple eligible applications were received during the Land-rush Period, the Applicant or Applicants with a trademark registered under Trade Marks ACT (CAP 506) Laws of Kenya shall prevail.

General Availability 8 Dec 2017 Approximately One Hundred and Fifty (150) days after the launch of SLDs, Domains shall be available on a first come first served basis.

These dates are provisional and are subject to change