Happy New Year. Or is it too late to convey those wishes?

Anyway, back to business. Today we are going to learn some pretty basic and elementary pointers that will guide you when writing an awesome piece of content or building your new website. Some you may be familiar with but a good reminder never hurts. Here is the knowledge;1. White Space Is Good!

Readers like white space. This is because it reduces the “cognitive load”. When writing content, break it down and present it in a hierarchical fashion making complex content easier to absorb.

In simple terms. leave plenty of white space between blocks of text.

2. Mobile Device In Use.

Most visitors view websites through mobile devices, it is accessible and as mobile as it sounds. This means, when creating content or developing your website, make it Mobile Responsive.

3. People Start Viewing Your Website from The Top Left Corner.

One sentence: A study from the Nielson Group found that most people view a website in an F-shaped pattern where they incline to favor the left side of the screen.

4. Menu Works Best When Placed In The Top Part Of Your Website.

No one wants to go through the hassles of looking for the menu on the bottom of the website when he or she can find it on top.

5. Short Paragraphs Work Better Than Long Ones.

Most users, if not all, scan information. They do not read every word. For this reason, short paragraphs with a maximum of three sentences work.

6. Fancy Fonts Are Ignored.

I do not know when this started but for a corporate website, fancy fonts are ignored. Reason being, fancy fonts are mostly associated with entertainment. However, point to note is excessive use of fancy fonts can make your work look like a joke.

7. Lists Are Better At Keeping Your Reader Focused Than Large Paragraphs.

Offer intuitive navigation and meet visitors’ expectations right away or else they are going to bounce. Getting straight to the point is the key with strong points well listed.


Especially when they are in caps.  Did the above sub header draw your attention?

9. Most Minds Crave Organization.

Visitors tend to respond best when content is organized into a neat, tidy package. This makes them feel in control when browsing, and it doesn’t overload their brains.

10. Human Beings Respond To Color.

Remember visual aids in communication?

Well, Color is one of the most complex elements in achieving successful visual communication. Used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for communications.

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