Registering a domain name is a straightforward process because all you need is your business or company’s name. You use a domain registrar to buy your name, and then “point” your new domain at your web host and if lucky, your domain registrar can also provide..for you web hosting services, at an additional cost though.

Let’s see what goes on behind the scenes of domain registrations;

  1. The domain registrar checks whether the domain name is available. If they get a yes then you have yourself your first preferred domain name, if no, then go back to the draft and come up with a closely related domain to the first one.
  2.  You get to choose whether you register it for only an year or for multiple years at a time. We would recommend an year in case you would need to change it later or give your website a break.
  3. There is no number three, the process is as easy as that.

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