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Website Soon Will Be Saving Your Life

I think almost all of us has experienced loss caused by road accidents, yes? During the December holidays especially, we witness rampant cases of accidents year in, year out.According to a report released by NTSA, at least 90 people died within 72 hours this December alone,which is quite unfortunate. But do you know what the sad part about this is? Most of these accidents would have been avoided. How, you ask?

If only someone had done the right thing at the right time and made the smart decision. I ask myself is it the lack of awareness? Or is it just plain arrogance? I have been in cars where drivers text,surf the net, take selfies or record videos while driving and this gets me so mad.

A report posted in May 2013 by Road Safety Network Kenya indicates that 85% of all accidents are caused by human error. Human error includes drunk driving, overspeeding and recklessness. In my book, texting while driving falls under recklessness because then, you are distracted. It only takes the 5 seconds that you took to write the text, to lose control of the vehicle.These people like to justify themselves by, “I have been driving for so long and I have never had an accident.”

Are you serious? Well guess what? There is always a first time for everything. Measures being taken to stop or at least reduce road accidents have borne no fruits. Between the hefty fines and disturbing PSAs no one seems shook enough.

The road accident statistics prompted Audi and Swedish agency Åkestam Holst to create a safety campaign that takes a refreshingly direct route to reach those who choose to go online with one hand while steering with the other.Remember when we told you that things are looking up for the technology sector this year? Turns out it is going a step further to save our lives.

The team developed a free snippet of computer code for website scripts. The Audi Safety Code, which any website can add, analyzes GPS data to determine if visitors are in vehicles traveling over 20 kilometers an hour, and blocks site access until users confirm they are passengers and not drivers.

I really hope this gets implemented soon because personally, I am tired of hearing about all these accidents and we cannot lose any more people to them. check out the main article here.

please be careful and take care of yourself. Have a safe 2018!