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We Foresee A Great 2018… | Peak and Dale

We Foresee A Great 2018…

Happy New Year! I hope it is looking up for you so far, though I think it is less likely since it is Njaanuary for those who overindulged over the holiday-Am I right? Looking back however, what was your favorite crisis in 2017?
I cannot even choose; we (Kenyans) experienced a number of challenges – political unrest, slow economic growth, job layoffs, inflation, high cost of living etc etc
Fortunately this year, things might be looking up for the technology sector as forecasted by Peak and Dale Solutions CEO, Brendah Mwirichia. She explains how in 2018, internet will become faster and cheaper seeing that Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) has installed overhead fibre. She expresses how it will be interesting to see how this will be adopted in the new year.
Brendah says that we should look forward to general availability of .ke top-level domain beginning January 18th, which in her words, is a huge milestone for the country because we will see more businesses using e-commerce and payment integration.
She envisages the explosion of the mobile development space with more people embracing apps in various sectors. Finally, we should expect to see more Kenyans taking up cryptocurrency. For those wondering what this is, it is digital money that uses cryptography to secure its transactions like bitcoin.
One downfall that she predicts however, is the challenges in security of data. Have a safe 2018 by securing your website with one of our SSL certificates https://peakanddale.com/portal/cart.php?gid=14
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