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Grandfathering Phase; Secure Your Brand. | Peak and Dale

Grandfathering Phase; Secure Your Brand.

We are all business people right? In one way or another, we provide certain services or products. In that sense, I believe that we all know that it takes a lot to build a reputation and a customer base for your brand. It is sad that in the world that we live in right now, there are several factors that threaten the same brand.

Globally, there have been rising cases of counterfeit sales, brand abuse, and online traffic diversion:  three areas where legitimate businesses see their brands, products and ultimately market share being undermined. It has become ideal for scammers to try and use good brands to divert and drive traffic to their website, thus threatening to substantially devalue your brand customer base with potentially counterfeit and grey market sales. Getting to where you are at is no mean feat, can you imagine other people riding on the sweat and effort that you have put in?

It is therefore natural that many small, medium and large-sized companies are taking steps to secure their online presence. In the same move, it is important to secure your brand name by registering the .ke version of your domain name during the grandfathering period that KENIC, the domain registry in Kenya has given. The grandfathering phase ends on 22nd December 2017 after which, .ke domain registration will be open to the public.

What this means?

Basically, if I am a beans seller and I own beanseller.co.ke, any one of my competitors can open beanseller.ke if I do not secure it. This is an immense threat to my business because my online traffic will be diverted to their website hence lost sales and a tarnished brand image.