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Why A Website By PEAK AND DALE Is Vital For Your Law Firm/Practice

How valuable is a website for a law firm or a solo practitioner? Is it worth the effort and expense?

Nobody can refute the influence of the Internet and particularly websites, on marketing and promotion of service providers in the recent years. It is therefore, no surprise that most businesses have built and launched websites.


bear in mind that Internet use continues to grow day by day. Currently, Kenya is leading Africa in internet penetration with 31.99 million Internet users which means that two in every three Kenyans have access to the internet ^. This is why the business use of the Internet to promote products and services will continue to grow.

Websites have definite plusses over other communication and promotional mediums like Yellow Page listings and printed ads;

  • The 24/7 nature of websites means that they offer immediate gratification to potential clients seeking information and options on legal services.
  • More information on your practice can be placed on a website than in any typical printed directory. This information including company history, practice area expertise, and attorney biographical information can allow prospective clients to acquaint themselves with your law firm and its lawyers in an anonymous and noncommittal way.
  • Prospective clients may feel intimidated from being subjected to a hard sell by a lawyer whose expertise is not even the right fit for the problem or case. On the contrary, a potential client who has reviewed a firm’s website feels knowledgeable and empowered to ask for your services via phone calls or other options offered on the site.
  • In a case where an individual has five leads but can review the qualifications of only two firms online, the firms without company websites have a competitive disadvantage
  • Websites are viewed as information resources rather than traditional advertising vehicles which gives more credibility to your information and more confidence to your site’s visitor.
  • web analytics help you determine how to drive more traffic to your website and then convert that traffic into customers, followers or whatever your site’s goals happen to be.

Why Peak and Dale?

A well-designed website is an important branding and image tool. Aside from the practical advantages of having an online presence, it is important that you understand that an average looking website can cost you prospective clients. You will never maximize your potential returns without having a website that is better than your competitors’.

Having an attractive firm website that presents company information in an organized and competent manner, leaves a much better first impression than that of a firm that can only provide a phone number or legal services listing. Your site also needs to be optimized for mobile devices. This ensures that your site visitors all see the same site no matter the device that they are using.

At Peak and Dale, we have a mandate of giving you a professional, polished looking website that converts visitors into actual clients. We promise to deliver an attractive, mobile friendly, competent and a well-designed website. The cost of custom-developed websites goes for a minimum of 100,000. However, Peak and Dale has a package that provides attractive and fully functional websites at substantially lower costs, hence it is affordable for smaller businesses.